Custom Facial

At HausMD, we believe that healthy, glowing skin is the key to confidence and self-care. From corrective procedures to rejuvenating techniques, you will always receive a relaxing treatment with medical-grade results. All custom facials include a complete package with gua sha lifting, extractions and facial massage. Our expert aestheticians also provide a curated skincare regimen based on your skin’s needs so you can enjoy long-lasting results.

Hydrating Facial

Best for: dryness, uneven tone, sensitive skin

Is your skin feeling dry or dull? The Hydrating Facial treatment for dehydrated skin is designed to immediately restore moisture. It includes gentle exfoliation with a focus on heavy masking to rehydrate the skin. Our Cool Lychee mask dramatically restores surface hydration, resulting in a youthful glow. Your skin will be instantly refreshed, feeling more luscious and soft. This is followed by a hyaluronic acid serum to visibly plump dry skin and a barrier repair moisturizer to restore balance. You will be glowing for weeks following your facial!

Ageless Facial

Best for: fine lines, hyperpigmentation, decreased elasticity

Our anti-aging facial is focused on revitalizing the skin and preventing further damage from free radicals. It includes a pumpkin enzyme peel rich in anti-aging ingredients. This contains powerful antioxidant properties that gently resurface the skin and promote a more youthful appearance. The peel also delivers essential vitamins and nutrients your skin might be lacking. We then use an oceanic cooling mask infused with skin firming benefits such as hydrolyzed collagen, sea salt and aloe to help support and improve skin tone. Finished with heavy moisturizing, vitamin C serum and ice globes to lift and firm the skin.

Brightening Facial

Best for: dullness, dark circles, uneven tone

Extend the vitality of your skin with our brightening facial. We use clinical-grade exfoliation to lighten dark spots and decrease oxidative stress on the skin. Our pomegranate acai peel improves radiance with caffeine and nourishes the skin with hydrating ingredients. The under eyes are visibly improved using a white out treatment that immediately camouflages dark circles and puffiness with color-correcting diamond core particles. This all results in a more radiant and vibrant complexion!

Detox Facial

Best for: acne-prone skin, excessive oil, uneven texture, redness

This purifying facial is designed with a focus on acne-fighting products. Living in NYC, we are constantly exposed to urban pollution and other contaminants that easily clog pores. We first deeply cleanse the skin with a pH balanced face wash that removes dirt, oil and bacteria without compromising the skin microbiome. It also supercharges the skin with vitamins and moisturizers to reduce inflammation. Finally, a calming serum and light moisturizer are used to soothe sensitivity and redness. Ultra-clean, refreshed skin is what you can expect from our detox facial.

Facial Enhancements

Boost any of our custom facials with a special add-on treatment.

  • Chemical peel
  • Jelly face mask
  • Additional facial massage time

What Our Patients Say

Courtney was amazing! She is knowledge, smart, and caring. She really took her time to understand my needs and wants and did a fabulous job. I also find her prices very reasonable. I will definitely be using Courtney for all my beauty treatments (and supports). This was a GREAT find! I highly recommend!!!

I got a facial from Joleen and she does a fantastic job! I always leave feeling relaxed and my skin looks incredible in the days after my skin has healed. I’ve been going to see Joleen for about a year and couldn’t recommend her more! – McKenzie

Joleen was sooo sweet! She is a complete expert and knows your concerns and needs. Such a great experience, definitely will come back!

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Custom Facial, $225

Interested in regular facials to maximize results? HausMD members receive a monthly facial at a special price. Find out more about our memberships here!

The HausMD Method

At HausMD, we pride ourselves in providing a personalized experience at our luxury medspas in New York. Our certified aestheticians develop a custom treatment plan to fit your skincare goals and address your needs. Our team will perform a consultation, including a full skin analysis and discussion including your goals and anti-aging objectives. Our facialists use the safest and most effective techniques to give you the result you most desire. Request your consultation online or call our team at (212) 737-1424.

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Request Your Custom Facial Consultation

Book your consultation online at one of our Westchester and Manhattan, NY locations or call our office at (212) 737-1424 to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get a facial?

When it comes to skin health, it is important to stay consistent and on a regular schedule. We recommend monthly facials to get the maximum benefit and see visible results. We offer a premium medspa membership that includes a monthly facial and reduced pricing on our most popular procedures. Think of it as a subscription for amazing skin!

How should I prepare for a facial?

We kindly ask that you discontinue the use of any retinol products and exfoliants containing AHA, BHA or benzoyl peroxide 2-3 days before your facial.

When will I see results after a facial?

You can see results after a facial right away! Most of our custom facials are designed to provide immediate improvement.

How long do results last after a facial?

Results typically last 3-4 weeks after a facial. As long as you follow a high-quality skincare regimen, you can see benefits from the facial for even longer.

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